The proven combination of positive and non-positive connections in a rapid and bolt-free system technology with AutoLock function facilitates connections that are automaticallyright-angled, obtuse-angled and acute-angled – and ensures built-in safety at the same time. Layher Allround Scaffolding has now become synonymous with modular scaffolding on the market. 

Since its launch in 1974, this original system has been undergoing continuous development and offers an impressive variety of use: on any construction site, in industry, chemical plants, power stations, shipyards and for events. As scaffolding for working, protection, façade work or support, as internal or birdcage scaffolding, or as rolling towers.

Even with very difficult layouts and architecture styles and with heightened safety requirements, Allround Scaffolding is the faster, safer and more economical solution.


In 2013, we once again set a new milestone in scaffolding construction with the fourth generation of Allround Lightweight. Like all our innovations, this generation too can be 100% integrated – for your investment protection.

The Allround Principle

The result of superior engineering: up to eight connections can be made in the structurally ideal Allround Connector, on one level and at various angles. How the system is assembled is self-explanatory.

Extensive approvals in building authority:
  • Allround Scaffolding Steel Z-8.22-64 on the basis of EN 12811
  • Allround Scaffolding Aluminium Z-8.22-26.1
  • Allround Scaffolding Lightweight Z-8.22-939
  • Allround Scaffolding LWv Z-8.22-949

Further international approvals available


Profitability and safety aren't contradictions at Layher.

On the contrary, they're what drive us: new materials, new production processes and design improvements to make our systems lighter, faster, stronger. And so even more economical.


The lighter components increase the speed of assembly and also transport capacities – that saves real money.

Increased loading capacity despite lower weight.

Improved occupational safety during assembly thanks to the AutoLock function.

Increased height clearance and reduction of physical strain by saving up weight in the system.

Only one standard for supported and suspended scaffolding thanks to integrated spigots. There is no need for time-consuming installation of separate spigots or storage of two different standards.


Allround Bridging system

The Allround Bridging System, the ideal addition to Layher Allround Scaffolding: with a few additional components, a solution for wide-span footbridges or bracing structures for heavy loads can be provided.

  • Length flexible in the standard dimension of 2.07 m or 2.57 m.
  • Bridging of spans up to around 30 m wide.
  • Strengthening of scaffolding, platforms and roofs.
  • Can be assembled with all Layher system decks (depending on required load).
  • Rapid assembly thanks to bolt-free pin and wedge head connections.
  • Pre-assembly on the ground and effortless positioning by crane are possible.
  • Pedestrians can be kept safe by means of cladding and roofing using the Protect System.

The Allround FW System

With just three additional components to Allround Scaffolding, there is now an even better and even more economical solution for bridging and bracing applications: the Allround FW System. Consisting of an Allround FW System post, a sturdy Allround FW System chord as the top and bottom chord, plus a length-adjustable Allround FW System diagonal rod, this new product can be quickly assembled with pin connections. Lateral bracing is achieved using standard parts from the proven Allround Scaffolding. A contribution to the high load-bearing capacity of the new product is made by the use of strong steel grades and the design height of the Allround FW System, and also by its installation in the Allround system standard dimension without any lateral offset. This ensures a structurally advantageous central force transmission.
  • High load-bearing capacity owing to the structural height and steel material.
  • Limitless applications as platform, cantilevered beam and by extension with a few components for roof constructions.
  • Easy handling by low weight of max. 19 kg.
  • Seamless integration into Allround structures. The components are located on the system axes in all three directions.

The Allround FW System can also be used for roof structures of temporary weather protection in addition to many solutions, such as bridgings or support beams.
Further information to the Allround FW Roof can be found at:

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Shoring TG 60

Layher has designed the Shoring Frame TG 60 especially for constructing shoring structures. They are centered on the TG 60 shoring frames with integrated rosettes. All frames are symmetrical so that no diagonal bracing has to be taken into account during assembly. Allround Shoring TG 60 can transmit loads of up to 6 t per standard. The structural analysis conforms to DIN EN 12812.
  • More than 30 % time saving during assembly and dismantling when compared with structures made of individual components.
  • Bay lengths of the shoring towers can be variably adapted to the standard dimension of the formwork supports or to the load.
  • Safe upright assembly thanks to integrated advancing side protection.
  • Assembly section by section on the ground and then rapid crane positioning thanks to high fitting precision.
  • The easy attachment of castors enables towers or even entire tower groups  to be repositioned in time-saving manner without having to dismantle and then reassemble them.
  • Full integration into Layher Allround Scaffolding: ledgers and diagonal braces can be assembled easily with a major time saving. Brackets can be easily fitted at the top level for continued construction. Stairway towers supplement the system.

The Allround Modular Stairtower

Quick to assemble, safe to use: With the Allround modular stairtower, Layher ensures efficient site access. It not only can be pre-assembled on the ground in part-modules and then moved by crane, but also provides a convenient height clearance thanks to the use of the Allround initial standard LW 2.21 m.

  • Safe and easy pre-assembly of complete stairway modules on the ground, without personal safety apparatus for fall protection and without advance guardrail.
  • No joint-overlapping components.
  • More convenient stairway ascent with parallel or alternating stairway configuration.
  • Same step height – at transition too.
  • Exit is possible at the side or the ends.
  • The type approval covers assembly heights of up to about 115 m.

Besides this new product, Layher offers a wide range of stairway towers, for example:

  • the platform stairway in Allround Scaffolding.
  • the stairway tower 500.
  • the stairway tower 750.
  • the landing-type stairway tower.
  • the unfinished-building stairway tower.
  • the Allround construction stairway tower 200.

Further information can be found at:

Temporary Accesses

STAR Frame

The major advantage of the STAR Frame is its unrestricted integration into the Allround system. It combines the assembly speed of a scaffolding frame with the unbeatable flexibility of Allround Scaffolding. With just two additional components, the STAR Frame and the STAR Guardrail, you can build facade scaffolding 24 % faster and with a 38 % lower weight than with Allround standards and ledgers.

Guardrails are fitted complete and without tools. The red safety bar indicates even from a long way away whether the guardrails are secured or not. 
  • Increase in the assembly and dismantling speed thanks to the STAR Frame.
  • Decks not needed at every level.
  • Ideal for structures such as pipeline bridges or facades in industrial buildings.

Protective Roofs

Layher weather protection roofs can be used in a number of variants depending on their span, the snow load or the wind load. That saves you real money when planning temporary weather protection roofs. To shorten the lead times for planning and approval, clearly set-out material and loading capacity tables for snow and wind loads are available for you. Protective roofs are not a one-off solution for Layher, but a standard product – this ensures readiness for immediate delivery.

Protect System

With its Protect System, Layher offers an enclosure system that fits in with Allround Scaffolding and SpeedyScaf. It is used for example for pedestrian protection in combination with the Allround Bridging System, and also for environmental protection and noise reduction. Highly economical in use thanks to quick and easy assembly, a simple and logical assembly sequence and the frequent use of a few individual system components. The Layher Protect System is not a one-off solution for Layher, but a standard product – this ensures readiness for immediate delivery.
  • Only a small number of individual parts.
  • Quick, easy and logical assembly.
  • Visually attractive.
  • Designed for regular use.


The steel deck

Durable and sturdy scaffolding deck thanks to hot-dip galvanized steel, with perforated non-slip surface.

  • For use up to load class 6 depending on deck length.
  • Available lengths from 0.73 m to 4.14 m.
  • Available widths are 0,19 m and 0,32 m.
  • Rails with edge holes for steel tubes.
  • Integrated with Allround und SpeedyScaf.

The Xtra-N deck

Consisting of an aluminium frame with riveted steel cap and filled with a glass-fibre-reinforced and non-slip plastic board.

  • For use up to load class 3.
  • Available lengths from 0.73 m to 3.07 m.
  • Available width 0.61 m. (one-piece deck).
  • Integrated with Allround und SpeedyScaf.

The Stalu deck

Durable aluminium deck with sturdy and riveted steel cap.

  • For use up to load class 6 depending on deck length.
  • Available lengths from 0,73 m to 3,07 m.
  • Available widths are 0,19 m, 0,32 m and 0,61 m.
  • Integrated with Allround und SpeedyScaf.

The Robust deck

Consisting of an aluminium frame with riveted steel cap, filled with a plywood board protected against rot.
  • Available lengths from 0.73 m to 3.07 m.
  • Available widths are 0.61 m and 0.32 m.
  • Width 0.61 m: For use up to load class 3.
  • Width 0.32 m: For use up to load class 6 depending on deck length.
  • Rapid assembly possible thanks to one-piece deck.
  • Integrated with Allround and SpeedyScaf.

Gap covers

Steel gap sheet
The steel gap cover is used to cover the gap between two scaffolding decks both in Allround and in SpeedyScaf. Can be used for gap widths up to 13 cm.

Gap ledger
Gap ledgers are available in various lengths for gap-free work surfaces between the main scaffolding decks and the bracket decks.

Telescopic gap deck
The standard requires that the gap between decks should not exceed 25 mm. Depending on bay width and deck laying variants with differing deck widths (0.61 m, 0.32 m and 0.19 m), compliance with the 25 mm gap width requirement is not always possible. This is why a deck was designed to adapt infinitely to all possible gap dimensions that might occur. It allows gaps from 40–255 mm to be closed conveniently.
  • Gap-free and closed surface, infinite adjustment.
  • Rapid assembly.
  • Same load classes as in the steel decks.
  • Decks can be fixed in place – no more slipping.
  • No additional fitting of gap covers required.

Further solutions can be found in the Allround Scaffolding Price List: 

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Time and material are crucial factors in scaffolding construction. To make the most efficient use of both, the Layher range includes the practical LayPLAN scaffolding planning software. Several software packages are on offer for different requirements: LayPLAN CLASSIC, LayPLAN CAD and LayPLAN CAD OEM.


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