Shoring frame TG 60 – even more possibilities for Allround Scaffolding.

Allround Shoring TG 60 permits the ingeniously easy, fast, flexible and safe assembly of shoring towers. Because all the shoring frames are symmetrical, no diagonal bracing has to be used during assembly. Allround Shoring TG 60 can transmit loads of up to 6 t per standard.
The structural analysis of Allround Shoring TG 60 complies with DIN EN 12812.
It can be easily adapted to the standard dimensions of the formwork by means of various Allround ledgers measuring between 1.09 m and 3.07 m and the corresponding diagonal braces.

Allround Shoring TG 60 possesses automatically integrated advance side protection. This means that safe and upright assembly is possible without any further accessories.

Allround shoring frame tg 60

The Allround Shoring Frames TG 60 have been developed based on Allround Scaffolding. They are manufactured from high-strength steel scaffolding tube, stiffened using two diagonal braces and a maximum weight of 18 kg. Each standard can bear a load of up to ­6 t.

H = 0.71 m

H = 1.00 m

H = 0.50 m


Our well-qualified Layher applications engineers devote themselves to your specific requirements, finding solutions for you that deliver the right results at the right price. You also have access to extensive technical documentation, consisting of material requirements tables, assembly drawings, verified structural analyses as per DIN EN 12812, and dimensioning aids for formwork supports.

Intelligent - Thanks to variable bay lenghts

Variable bay lengths
The Allround Shoring Tower TG 60 can be flexibly adapted to the standard dimension of the formwork supports and the load requirements. To do so, all that is needed is to select Allround ledgers and diagonal braces of the appropriate lengths. The main components – the Allround Shoring Frames TG 60 – remain the same.

Material optimisation
The versatility of the system means that even better use can be made of the high load-bearing capacity. This saves material, time and money.

Fast repositioning
The towers can be repositioned quickly and efficiently using easily attached castors instead of having to be dismantled and reassembled. In this way, it is even possible to move entire tower groups in a single operation.

More possibilities thanks to crane positioning

The Shoring Tower TG 60 can be assembled horizontally at ground level before being moved into position by crane, or it can be erected vertically. It can be assembled either directly at the place of use or moved into position using easily mountable castors.

The individual shoring frames are secured using hinged pins in order to transmit the tensile forces.

Layher Allround SHORING TG 60


Time and material are crucial factors in scaffolding construction. To make the most efficient use of both, the Layher range includes the practical LayPLAN scaffolding planning software. Several software packages are on offer for different requirements: LayPLAN CLASSIC, LayPLAN CAD and LayPLAN CAD OEM.


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