The Allround bridging system is the ideal complement to Layher Allround equipment. With just a few additional components, the load-bearing capacity of the proven Allround system can be increased enough to create, for example, wide-span footbridges or support structures for heavy loads.

The Allround bridging system is available in the familiar Layher dimensions of 2.07 m and 2.57 m, with its unique wedge head connection making it fully compatible with Layher Allround equipment. Simple bolt connections enable the components of the bridging system to be connected up, resulting in quick and easy assembly.

When used as a support girder for a scaffolding structure, podium or roof structure, the Allround bridging system is connected to the structure above it by using Allround standards integrated into the top. Using the wedge head welded onto the sides, even suspended scaffolding structures can be connected, or several bridging units can be connected next to one another for a further increase in the load bearing capacitiy.

When a footbridge is built, the Allround bridging system is connected to Allround standards using the wedge heads provided on the sides of the posts. Depending on application, either Event decks or steel decks can be used. The bridge can also be clad using Layher Protect cassettes and roofed. The bridge is mounted on Layher heavy-duty supports wit specially designed support elements. These support elements permit pre-assembly on the ground and subsequent insertion by crane, which is a major advantage when spanning bridges across roads.

Examples for use

Allround bridging system with 30 m Span, partionally cladded with lightweight cassette roof and Protect system.

Allround bridging system as temporary pedestrian crossing with steel decks over as river and a highway in Seedorf, Switzerland.

Allround bridging system as support of a facade scaffolding, to cross the non-sustainable porch-roof of a school building in Lohmar. The facade scaffolding is also support for a cassette roof, which has been assembled to refurbish the school-roof..

Allround bridging system as gable support because of the 40 m span of a mobile keder roof at a building of the "Berufsschule" in Esslingen.

Your benefit

Extremely high load-bearing capacity


Fully compatible with Allround equipment


Length flexible within standard dimensions of 2.07 m or 2.57


Camber using adjustable diagonal rods 


Simple bolt connections


Support for scaffolding, podia and roofs


Bridged with spans up to abour 30 m 


Cladding using Protect system possible


Cantilever and contious beams possible 


Can be pre-assembled on the ground


Simple mounting on Layher heavy-duty support