Stairtowers, wheelchair ramps or bridges open to the public must, to conform to German state building regulations, be provided with continuous handrails. Layher now has an immediate solution for all structures with child safety guardrails.

With the system handrail, complex one-off designs and assembly work can be avoided. With just three parts – handrail holder, joint and handrail tube – the guardrail can be installed quickly and easily in line with regulations for every stair type.The lightweight aluminium handrail tubes of Ø 42.3 mm for a comfortable grip are easy to cut and drill holes into, and also quick to clean. They are simply riveted to the fitted handrail holders.



With rotating joints that permit any angle between 90° and 180° to be set and used, all transitions between the handrail tubes are smooth and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to a practical assembly aid with setting marks, assembly of the handrail holders is remarkably easy. It removes the need for laborious measurements of the handrail height and distance from the child safety guardrail.

The handrail can easily be set to the required height, on site, using the assembly aid. Details onthe precise use of the assembly aid marks can be found in the detailed instructions for assembly and use.